Dang Ol’ Show Time – Let’s Talk Texas Country Music, NASCAR, BBQ & Beer

Glad it’s Monday!

Yep, glad it’s the start of another week. That means I get to hang out with y’all on The Red Dirt Rebel from 6-8 P.M. Central and talk racing, Texas Country Music, BBQ, beer and anything else we feel like kicking around for a while.

Tonight we’ll get it started taking your calls on two great new songs in our weekly Battle Segment. Two go in, one comes out. The Dix Hat Band is making noise with “In And Out” so will pit them against Dalton Domino’s “Killing Floor”. We’ve got two local favorites here that are quickly gaining notice around Texas and beyond so let’s see which song you’re grooving on right now.

Dix hat blue light

To help you along, Scott Fitzgerald will join us with his now-legendary 5 Beer Breakdown analyzing both songs. Who gets the beer tonight?

We’ll also visit with Director of Marketing for Texas Motor Speedway, Jaime Carlin, and get the low-down on what “No-Limit, Texas” means. It is basically the coolest town in Texas. Find out why tonight.

Nick DeGroot from will be along with his Green-White-Checker segment as we recap the NASCAR weekend at Michigan that say Jeff Gordon get his third win of the year. Heaven help me, I may actually be rooting for Gordon to win another championship. If he did, would he retire? We will also discuss Tony Stewart’s immediate future. Will he be back in the #14 again this year?

Gregg Fort from Chicken Fried returns to talk BBQ, Beer and the Cayman Islands with us after a vacation that saw no international incidents or violations of law.

All of that plus our weekly Southern Cultural Index Question, which let’s you jump on the Domino’s Hot Line and sound-off. Dial us up at 806-712-1053. We love hearing from y’all whether you’re in Lubbock or listening online via the Red Dirt Rebel’s very cool app that allows you to chat with us in the studio live.

See y’all on the radio tonight.



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William Clark Green and Josh Abbott – Hanging Around

William Clark Green‘s got himself a number one hit with “Hanging Around”

Josh Abbott is hoping his “Hangin Around” does the same thing, minus a “G” ( When you’re as big as Abbott you don’t need to use all the letters in a word any more! )

No word if this is actually how William Clark Green hangs around. We can confirm he is not an actual Rose Queen.

No word if this is actually how William Clark Green hangs around. We can confirm he is not an actual Rose Queen.

We talked about both songs this week on the show as Scott Fitzgerald dropped in for his now legendary “5 Beer Breakdown”. Give it a listen and tell us which song you dig.

It goes without saying you can hear WCG and Josh Abbott a lot on The Red Dirt Rebel. As it should be…

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NASCAR Author/All Around Good Guy Monte Dutton Talks About Covering Tony Stewart & Much More

He wrote a book with Tony Stewart.

He covered NASCAR for years.

Monte Dutton knows what he’s talking about.

monte dutton mug

Always enjoy having him on the show. Give this a listen you might learn a few things you didn’t know.

From motorsports to music, to some great fiction writing and good old-fashioned common sense, Dutton is a guy you need to pay attention to. Or not. Just ask him.


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Album Review – Sunny Sweeney’s “Provoked”

Ryan Hyatt Media:

With Sweeney’s “Bad Girl Phase” rocketing up the Texas Radio Charts, here’s a good look at her new album. We love this kid! Of course you can hear her music on The Red Dirt Rebel, 105.3 FM here in Lubbock. Be sure and get the smart phone app and listen anywhere! Be sure and follow here on Twitter, @GettinSweenered . By the way, y’all need to follow Country Perspective’s blog as well. Very well done.

Originally posted on Country Perspective:

The story of Sunny Sweeney is intriguing. As I’ve talked about before about Sweeney on the site, she was once signed to label deals with Republic Nashville and Big Machine Records. She had a top ten hit with “From a Table Away,” and two other singles that charted on the top 40 of the Billboard Country chart. In 2013 she was nominated for an ACM Award for Top New Female Artist. Then Big Machine and Sweeney parted ways. She’s one of the many casualties of Nashville politics and other bullshit they pull behind the scenes on Music Row. If I was Sweeney my reaction to this would be pissed off and determined to prove them all wrong. And that’s exactly how Sweeney responds with her new album Provoked. Prepare yourselves when listening to this album because Sweeney comes out two guns blazing from start to finish.

The Best Songs…

View original 881 more words

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Death, Sadness, and YouTube

Death, Sadness, and YouTube

Ryan Hyatt Media:

Powerful. I wish I had an easy answer. Read this and see if it doesn’t resonate with you. . .

Originally posted on Babies, Beer, and BBQ:

Did you watch a man die lately?

I clicked on the Tony Stewart crash video from Saturday night that would show me the final moments of Kevin Ward Jr’s life.  The YouTube Ad showed that I had 30 seconds before the video started.  As the time clicked away and I got closer to the start of the video, I thought to myself should I really be watching this?  My answer was no, I do not want to see another man’s death  and I clicked the X in the top right corner of my browser window.   I feel better about myself for a moment, but began to worry about why myself and so many other felt it was important to watch such a horrible scene.


Millions of people have watched Kevin Ward Jr. die on the internet since it was originally posted and I am struggling with the why I…

View original 329 more words

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Tony Stewart Accident Discussion, Monte Dutton, Texas Country Music – All On Tonight’s Dang Ol’ Show

Well, it looks like we’ve got a few things to talk about from 6-8 Central on The Red Dirt Rebel…

Yes, we’ll sort through what we know and don’t know about the dirt track accident involving Tony Stewart that left Kevin Ward, Jr. dead over the weekend. A lot of emotion. A lot of misinformation out there. A lot of dumb as well in my opinion. Some might call it hate.

We’ll visit with long-time NASCAR writer and author Monte Dutton tonight. Dutton spend a ton of time in the early 2000’s with Stewart and wrote this book about him. It’s good. Dutton probably has as good an insight into who Stewart is as anybyody. I figure if we’re going to talk about him, we might as well have someone on who knows him. Oh, Dutton is a helluva writer and does a little guitar pickin’ and singing too. Our kind of people. It’s good to have him back on the show!

Monte Dutton wrote a book with Tony Stewart. So ya, they've met.

Monte Dutton wrote a book with Tony Stewart. So ya, they’ve met.

We will take your calls tonight on our weekly Battle Segment as well. Two go in, one comes out. Tonight we pit Williams Clark Green’s “Hanging Around” vs. Josh Abbott’s “Hanging Around“. See what we did there? Scott Fitzgerald will be along with his now legendary “5-Beer Breakdown” of these two songs, then it’s up to you to vote. You pick it, we play it at the end of the show. I like ‘em both. What y’all got?

Nick DeGroot from
will be along for his weekly Green-White-Checker segment as we recap a thrilling weekend at Watkins Glen where the racing did live up to the hype. The Glen has become one of my favorite stops now. It gave us two great road course drivers battling late and the redemptive win for A.J. Almendinger and his very tall owner. Fun stuff on a day that needed a little of that following the tragedy of Saturday night.

We’ll also pick your brain with tonight’s Southern Cultural Index Question, so get ready to have some fun on the radio tonight from 6-8 Central on The Red Dirt Rebel, 105.3 FM out of Lubbock. You know, the back-to-back Texas Country Station of the year! Listen online everywhere via the great website and get the smart phone app, you can talk to us directly via the website and dial in on the Domino’s Hot Line at 1-806-712-1053.

See ya on the radio.



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Tony Stewart Pulls Out Of Watkins Glen After Being Involved In Death At Dirt Track. Perspective. . .

It’s a horrible morning when you wake up at 3:30 and hear on the radio that NASCAR Hall of Famer in-waiting Tony Stewart has been involved in an accident in his sprint car resulting in the death of a 20-year old racer Kevin Ward, Jr. . A horrible accident that will have ramifications not just for dirt tracks, sprints cars and NASCAR but for all of motorsports.

This morning I’ve read tons of words about the accident. Some from folks who know what they’re talking about, many from those who want to vulture a story and generate attention for themselves or to push an agenda they already have. Sad.

Tony Stewart climbs into his car at Martinsville. Photo via

Tony Stewart climbs into his car at Martinsville. Photo via

There is so much right now we don’t know about what happened last night compared to what we do know.
That’s why I realize most of what is written and said by folks today will look and sound both stupid and insensitive and uninformed in the days to come. I am reluctant to even write this today but want to point you towards a few things that I think can put into perspective a bit what is going on.

First, one of the best things I’ve seen written came out early this morning from Steven Cole Smith does a great job of trying to bring into perspective the events of last night in New York. I hope you take a moment to read it.

Beyond that, as I watch the hyper-media, instant reaction unfold I can’t help but to think what things might have looked like if the internet, FoxSports1, ESPN you get the idea, had been around when Richard Petty killed an 8-year old boy. . .

Of course he didn’t “kill” him but that’s how some in today’s media would have played out the story.

In 1965 Petty, he wasn’t The King then, went drag racing while NASCAR outlawed the Hemi engine. One day at a drag strip near Atlanta something went horribly wrong with Petty’s car. It exploded into the stands. An instant later a little boy was dead. Petty never talked much about it but he would go on to say years later how much it affected him. He quit drag racing. He couldn’t quit thinking about the boy.

Here’s a good read on the event.

I don’t know what happened last night.

I know what I saw from a snippet of video.

I do know that Tony Stewart will think about Kevin Ward Jr. every time he goes to a dirt track for the rest of his life. He may think about him every day he races. Stewart will live with the events of last night for the remainder of his days.

For now, we need to find out all we can about the incident before a rush to assign blame. It’s hard to understand when a young man is dead, but sometimes accidents happen and sometimes they are tragic. For all involved.

The drivers, the owners, the crews the folks intimately involved in racing now death lurks constantly. We as fans, particularly NASCAR fans seem to have forgotten or become numb to the real dangers of this sport. This accident will have a profound affect on motorsports, make no mistake. It’s most profound impact will be on those who love it.


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