The Best BBQ Side Dishes – A Discussion Of Great Importance

MRN’s Woody Cain, NASCAR guru and host of Fast Food, joined forces with Chicken Fried Buffalo’s Gregg Fort this week to talk about the ultimate BBQ side dishes. Whether you’re smoking a brisket or working with pork, there are some regional standards out there as well as some newcomers to the fray. From the simple to the elegantly complex Cain and Fort offer up some ideas here that we think you’re gonna love.

It's a standard for O6 Racing. Smoker beans.

It’s a standard for O6 Racing. Smoker beans.


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Review – Jason Aldean’s “Burnin’ It Down”

Ryan Hyatt Media:

It’s time for Jason Aldean to just go away for a while. Once had high hopes for him. Now we just hope he stays off the radio. . . oh well, that’s why we invented The Red Dirt Rebel, 105.3 FM so you don’t have to listen to this stuff.

Originally posted on Country Perspective:

This is the exact problem I was worried about when Sam Hunt unleashed “Leave The Night On.” I was hoping the song would be a bust, but it’s a surprisingly performing well. And when I saw how well it was doing I knew there would be imitators. Hunt’s single is not country in any way at all, yet it’s being eaten up by the mainstream country fans. If a relatively unknown artist can take a completely pop song and slap a country label on it, what could stop the well-known names from doing the exact same thing as Hunt. Well now we have our answer in the form of Jason Aldean’s new single “Burnin’ It Down.”

Just like “Leave The Night On,” this song has no country elements in it whatsoever. The amount of auto tune used in this song is absolutely ridiculous. I guess Aldean has been hanging around…

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Rich O’Toole Makes His Dang Debut Tonight On The Show

Looking forward to big show tonight on The Red Dirt Rebel, 105.3 FM out of Lubbock, Texas the known epicenter of Cultural Awareness and Societal Greatness. A big line-up of guests tonight including the Dang Ol’ Debut of Texas Artists-L.A. Livin’ Fool, Rich O’Toole. Out of the College Station area, O’Toole has a great vibe in his music, is hard to pin-down style wise and really has mastered the art of using social media to reach out to his fans.

Rich O'Toole is about to be eaten by a horse. This is actually a Charlie Robison song.

Rich O’Toole is about to be eaten by a horse. This is actually a Charlie Robison song.

It should make for a wide-ranging visit.

We love our NASCAR and Food on the Dang Ol’ Show, so get ready for a big dose of MRN’s Woody Cain. Cain is all over NASCAR and is also a competitive BBQ Chef! We always enjoy our visits with Woody, and he’ll be on with Chicken Fried‘s Gregg Fort during the same segment tonight talking about NASCAR heading to the Brickyard in Indy as well as the greatest BBQ side-dishes of all-time. Feel free to take notes!

For you hard-core racing fans, Nick DeGroot is back from with his Green-White-Checker segment. I’m hoping we get to talk about the Mudsummer Classic at Eldora with him as well as another crazy week in Indy car and more.

We don’t stop there as we delve into some of the hottest Texas Country out there tonight featuring this week’s “Battle” Segment. Bri Bagwell’s “Crazy” takes on Sunny Sweeney’s “Bad Girl Phase”. Our old friend F. Scott Fitzgerald will be along for his now-legendary 5-Beer Breakdown, telling you how these songs rank in his critical categories. After that, it’s up to y’all to vote for the one you like. Two go in, one comes out! We play the one you vote for at the end of the show.

I'll be honest. This woman scares me...

I’ll be honest. This woman scares me…

We’ll also be taking your calls all night long on our weekly Southern Cultural Index Question ( best BBQ Side-Dish ) as well as any thing else that’s on your mind from racing, to food, music to cold beer or you just need to vent on a Monday night, the Domino’s Hotline is open for you at 1-806-712-1053.

So, get through the day and then get ready to have fun. Remember, you can listen online everywhere via the cool Red Dirt Rebel site and be sure and get the smart phone app that allows you to take the station and us everywhere you go. It shows you our playlists and has a great chat feature!

See y’all on the radio tonight.



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Acadiana All-Purpose Seasoning

Ryan Hyatt Media:

The Ultimate Cajun Seasoning. . . So good a guy named Emeril tried to win it in a poker game. Cooking today? You need this seasoning.

Originally posted on Chicken Fried Buffalo:

red-fleur-de-lis-mdFirst, I would like to thank Ron Cox for posting his aunt’s slaw recipe last week.  While some of his comments about the founder of this blog were slightly inaccurate, I appreciate the effort on his part.

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog was provide people with some simple recipes that can be used in various ways.  The recipe I am posting today is one of the first things I developed when I started cooking.

My first full-time job out of school just happened to be in New Orleans.  Now for the those that do not know, Cajun cooking and the real cuisine of New Orleans are different.  If you want the best Cajun food, you need to head west on I-10 to Lafayette or southwest to Thibodaux…the heart of Acadiana.

Acadiana is the official name given to the 22 parishes in Louisiana that are…

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Your Newborn Is Not Your Drinking Buddy

Your Newborn Is Not Your Drinking Buddy

Ryan Hyatt Media:

Yep, there are just places little kids don’t belong! A Well reasoned piece right here from a right thinking individual. Thoughts?

Originally posted on Babies, Beer, and BBQ:

By:  KB

This past weekend my wife and I decided to attend the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen, NY.  We took a three year hiatus from the festival because it was too hard to schedule the weekend trip because of pregnancies, childbirth and breast feeding schedules.  But we lucked out and the grandparents agreed to take the girls for the weekend and we ventured to wine country in  New York.  When we arrived, we were both shocked and saddened at the sight of mothers carrying around newborn babies and young children following mom and dad as they worked their was through tasting tables. It was a hot Saturday and crowded festival where thousands of people were tasting, drinking and celebrating wine, hardly the place for small babies and young children.

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Bigfoot Sighted In Georgia | Charging For A Condom … inent

Bigfoot Sighted In Georgia | Charging For A Condom … inent

Conspiracies are everywhere.

Why are they charging us more for condiments?  Why?  We understand why there is a charge for condoms.gone_squatchin_with_bigfoot_logo_embroidered_hats-p233608364440222781bymlr_400

Who is responsible?  NASCAR?  The Kardashians?  The Bilderburger Group? Bigfoot?  Ya, Bigfoot.  He is everywhere if you read the internet…even in Texas.  Just ask the folks at Texas Bigfoot and he has to be the reason why Arby’s won’t give me more “Horsey Sauce” and why Subway is so stingy on the napkins.  Really!  A napkin?  Have you tried to eat one of your $5 Footlongs?  Hello.

You tell us…we discussed these topics and many others on That Dang Ol’ Show this week.  Take a listen.




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Who Makes The Best Hamburger In America – Cultural Index Thursday Question

Sometimes fast-food joints get a bad rap.

There are times you just want a great hamburger. Or cheeseburger. Or hickory burger. Or, well, you get the idea.

Today we ask who makes the best hamburger in America.

If you’re from Texas there can really only be one answer. Whataburger. The #2 with cheese, Whatasized with a Dr. Pepper is legend. The white and orange sack is like formal-wear for a burger. It is simply elegant. The bun to meat/lettuce/tomato/pickle/cheese/jalapeno/bacon ratio is perfect. There is rarely any problem there.

Have I taken down on of these bad boys? Yes. Yes I have. I felt no guilt.

Have I taken down on of these bad boys? Yes. Yes I have. I felt no guilt.

You can create darn near anything you want. They serve 24 hours a day, just as God intended it.

Now I realize some have been duped into thinking that In-N-Out burger is quality. You have been lied to. That or you haven’t been to Texas. . .

So let the debate begin. Who makes the best hamburger in America?

If you want to, add in categories for best fries and other items. Oddly, I have become a fan of the fries at 5 Guys. Not big on their burgers but do like what they do with the fries.

Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with.

Post away!


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