It’s Dang Ol Show Monday on The Red Dirt Rebel – Git Sum!

Back again for another round of radio with y’all tonight on The Red Dirt Rebel.

We’ll take your calls on our Southern Cultural Index Question, namely, which band or singer would you most like to go on tour with for two weeks. If any one says Cher I will personally beat you. . .

Nick DeGroot from joins us to recap the non-wild weekend for NASCAR at Dover. It was elimination weekend, but the only thing eliminated was fireworks! Did it give us the drama we sought?

Scott Fitzgerald returns with his 5-Beer Breakdown on our Texas Country Battle Segment. Bart Crow takes on Brian Keane tonight.

Gregg Fort from handles the food and beverages and you guys take care of the calls and opinions via the Domino’s Pizza Hot-Line at 806-712-1053.

Think you could hang with Brian Keane on the road for two weeks? Remember, he says you can't go home! Photo via Texas Red Dirt Roads.

Think you could hang with Brian Keane on the road for two weeks? Remember, he says you can’t go home! Photo via Texas Red Dirt Roads.

Want to win some free pizza? Get in on our prediction contest tonight.

Want to win some free pizza? Get in on our prediction contest tonight.

We’ll see y’all on the radio from 6-8 Central tonight.


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The Intoxicating Sounds Of NASCAR

I’ve got NASCAR practice on Fox Sports 1 behind me right now as I write this. I’m listening, but more than that I’m feeling.

There is an amazing sound to NASCAR that even comes through on your TV or Radio if you’ll let it. The rhythm of the motors as they sing around the track. Well, unless it is one of TRG’s old engines and then it sounds like a junior high orchestra tuning-up. Even that has a particular lilt to it.

One of the things I love about NASCAR are the sounds and sights. They give you a total sensory experience. From the decals on the cars to the hum of the generators in the campground, it all adds up and contributes to an experience unlike any other in sports.

You never know what you'll see at the track.

You never know what you’ll see at the track.

When I can’t make it to the track, TV reminds me a little of what it’s like to be there for several days camping with friends, cooking, eating, eating, cooking and drinking. OK. Maybe drinking made it a little late on the list. As much as any of the particulars from the races I’ve attended over the years I remember the sights and sounds as much as anything.

For my friends who aren’t into NASCAR ( yes, they exists ) I tell them you can’t truly appreciate everything there is to enjoy about the sport unless you actually go to a race. I liken it to hockey. My hockey friends used to tell me the same thing in the early 90’s. They were right.

I didn’t get hockey, I didn’t play it growing up and until I was an adult had never seen a game in person. When I did it changed everything.

Hockey doesn’t translate to TV. At all. NASCAR faces a bit of the same problem I think. There is so much going on over such a spread out area all transpiring at crazy speed and at a volume your TV doesn’t have it’s impossible to any network to deliver it in its full glory.

That’s why I say you’ve got to be there at least once to understand what you’re missing when you’re not there!

So, as I sit here on a Saturday waiting for things to dry out on the farm I’ve got the sounds of NASCAR going on behind me. In my mind I’m at a campground at Texas Motor Speedway. I hope somebody iced down the beer. . .

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The Fine Art of Doing Nothing: How To Smoke A Brisket Point

The Fine Art of Doing Nothing: How To Smoke A Brisket Point

Ryan Hyatt Media:

No Texas Tech game this weekend, but still compelling NASCAR and what the hell, it’s Saturday. Here’s something to stoke your food imagination and inspire you.

Originally posted on Patrons of the Pit:

Part One

The Day Off

There comes a time in a man’s day-to-day, when all the world seems to conspire around him. Where one social posture leads into the next, and for a while at least, brisk5he cannot seem to get his feet on solid ground. Nary can he find a hidden moment even, to catch his breath, and enjoy his inalienable right to watch the clouds slowly idle by. Such was the case here recently, as it sometimes is when one lives a busy life. Drawn henceforth from duty to duty, event to event, it’s easy for a pit jockey to get restless for his craft when he cannot do it. When the ever-whirling cog of society sweeps you under the rug of life, and you are mired there, like a dull, gray moth trembling in a spider’s web.

This weekend last, as the tweety birds cavorted in the morning dew, and the…

View original 1,419 more words

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Now we know the whole story, but that doesn’t seem to matter to some – The Tony Stewart/Kevin Ward Jr. Story

This falls into things I wish I’d written. In a swirling sea of uninformed writing and ( sadly ) vindictive opinion pieces Nick DeGroot writes with grace. I’m pleased we’re able to feature him weekly on That Dang Ol’ Show!

“Now we know the whole story, but that doesn’t seem to matter to some” – Nick DeGroot via

Image via

Image via

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5 Big Things To Watch For At Dover – NASCAR Gets Crazy

5 Things That Matter This Week.

This is why kids in Delaware can't sleep at night. Image via

This is why kids in Delaware can’t sleep at night. Image via

When the new Chase format was offered up logic told us that Talladega would be a place where we’d have a lot of mad drivers. Heck, we always have mad drivers after ‘Dega. This time though they’d be talking about a season wasted in a matter of moments after a wreck they had nothing to do with other than showing up for work that day. Turns out, Dover is the new ‘Dega.

1. If you think you’ve heard some folks saying things about NASCAR after a plate race, wait till this weekend when someone sees their year go up in the self-cleaning Monster Mile’s mayhem. Will it be a Matt Kenseth? What about a crazy early accident involving Jeff Gordon? Could his dream season end in a nightmare? It’s possible.
So, here are five things that will matter this week.

2. Somebody is going to do something crazy late to try and win the race. That may not be good for certain Chasers if they’re right around the mad dash to avoid elimination. Imagine a Denny Hamlin or Greg Biffle knowing they’ve got to pass 5 cars with 15 laps to go. Imagine if you’re just trying to hold your spot. Great drama, and it’s what NASCAR is trying to create, but it could lead to one helluva mess.

3. Joey Logano has five top fives at Dover since 2012. Brad Keselowski has a win and three top fives. Ya. Penske is going to be right up front. If I had any guts I’d pick the 1-2.
Kevin Harvick will lose this race in some spectacular fashion. It’s just what he does this year. It is amazing. Someone ( TV producers hoping Kyle Larson ) will pass him by driving on the side of the catch fence with 2 to go after Harvick leads every other lap. It has to be that way. Harvick will drink a beer and go check his ATM balance. And live . . .

If I were Kevin Harvick I'd have lots of this iced down this weekend.

If I were Kevin Harvick I’d have lots of this iced down this weekend.

4.Jimmie Johnson has three wins at Dover since 2012. Best average finish. Johnson collects Miles The Monster figurines and gives them out as wedding gifts. Somehow, some way he will score a great finish. Right? I mean there is no way the 48 looks normal here. Right? Right?

5.Carl Edwards, average finish of 18 at Dover since 2012, will look passionately into the camera after failing to advance by one spot and opine if three races is too few a sample size to really give drivers a chance to advance. Carl will be right.

Carl will bring up something we’ll writer about this weekend. Are three races really enough to give teams a fair shot at moving on without having to worry about something goofy ruining their year? In a sport that ( once ) valued consistency and sustained greatness does this 3 race knock out round really reflect how we feel about crowning a champ? For now, we’ll get your feedback. I’ll weigh in Sunday.

If you get a chance, hang out with me and Nick DeGroot on That Dang Ol’ Show Monday night’s from 6-8 Central on The Red Dirt Rebel, 105.3 FM out of Lubbock, Texas; the entertainment Capitol of the known universe!

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Dirty Birds and Hamburgers

Dirty Birds and Hamburgers

Ryan Hyatt Media:

It’s been too long since we shared something from these Pit Patrons! Enjoy

Originally posted on Patrons of the Pit:

They were cute once, iffin you didn’t already know it. My beloved tweety birds which dart about the pond-side pit here, happy-go-lucky, flirtatious, and like I say, cute. But this ash birdsmorning as I stepped out on the patio, beverage in hand, I find a gaggle of them floundering fancy in the ash pan residing beneath the old kettle grill. Flopping about there, doing their best wildebeest impressions, antics oft reserved for the dusty plains of Botswana. Their little feathers cloaked in ashen debris, kicking up little gray clouds of it, which scattered in the morning breeze. What a bunch of goof balls, I thunk. Rolling around like pigs in the mud. Like puppies in the grass. Like grown men in the ball pit at the Burger King. They were having a good time at it too, and I nary could convince them otherwise. But then again, I wasn’t trying…

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That Dang Ol’ Show, Ready To Roll – NASCAR, Texas Country Music & Rain.

We survived the weekend.


But we did and that means we get to celebrate by hanging out with y’all for a few hours Monday night on That Dang Ol’ Show. Our mission tonight: Get you involved and on the phones.

That’s right. It’s a call-in show. They still happen around here you know. Not everything is Text Line or SnapChat or e-mail. And we like it this way.

It's a buffalo in a big hat. It's funny.

It’s a buffalo in a big hat. It’s funny.

So, get ready to dial us up on The Domino’s Hot Line at 806-712-1053 and sound-off on our weekly Southern Cultural Index Question, weigh-in on our Texas Country “Battle Segment” that pits two great songs against each other as well as get your thoughts in on anything else we might be talking about. Trust me. It’s fun and it’s all mainly in English.

Our guest line-up tonight features Nick DeGroot from talking about Joey Logano’s win at New Hampshire in race number two of NASCAR’s Chase for the Championship, Scott Fitzgerald will be with us giving y’all his 5-Beer Breakdown of the two songs in the Battle Segment and Gregg Fort from is back for another round of food, beer and BBQ talk. Oh, there’s you of course too, our favorite guest!

So, gather round 105.3 FM tonight from 6-8 Central and join in. You can listen live anywhere via The Red Dirt Rebel’s website. Be sure and download the very cool smart phone app!

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